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This fine English cheese has been made in Wensleydale since 1150, when the French Cistercian monks first established a monastery. The cheese was originally made from sheep’s milk but over time cows’ milk became more popular. The monastery was disbanded in 1540 but the recipe was passed on to local farmers' wives who, for more than three hundred years, produced the cheese in their own farmhouses. In 1897 Edward Chapman, started the Wensleydale Creamery, to manufacture the cheese on a larger scale. During the second World War, cheesemakers focused on cheap, mass-produced Cheddar and production of Wensleydale (and many other English cheeses) ceased. Although production resumed in the early 1950s, it never rebounded to it’s former levels. Today, Wensleydale is only made by a handful of small cheesemakers and is difficult to find. Boone Creek Creamery is probably the only cheesemaker in North America producing a traditional handmade variety of this special English regional cheese. Net weight 1/3 pound.