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Gruyere is a traditional, creamy, semi-soft cheese named after a village high in the Swiss Alps. The cheese is similar to Emmental but the texture is more dense and compact. Slightly grainy, the cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavors - at first fruity, and becoming more earthy and nutty with age. OuKentucky is famous for its bluegrass farms, calcium-rich soil, and mineral-laden spring water that builds strong bones for race horses (and cows). Reminiscent of the chalky soil and pastures of France, those rich qualities are passed on through our farm fresh milk to produce cheeses with strong calcium bonds. Our unique Kentucky Derby is a handmade traditional Derby style cheese with a hint of fresh mint and infused with fine Kentucky Bourbon. A very special treat from the Bluegrass state.r Gruyere is aged at least 6 months (the longer the curing period the better the cheese). This is the classic cheese for making French Onion Soup. Net weight 1/3 pound.